Values, Mission & Vision

Direct Therapy Northampton wants to make reaching out for emotional support and mental health help as commonplace and accepted as reaching out for general health issues are. Your brain and heart are the keys to your survival so its as important if not more so to ensure they are getting the best quality support and treatment as you would give the rest of your body.

As a popular business of independent counsellors and psychotherapists, we aim to be a centre of quality. We are widely known for our extraordinary results and the excellent assistance we offer clients. We value and support our very qualified and skilled personnel, and nurture and develop emerging therapists all of which receive regular ongoing training and development as well as a minimum of the recommended amount of professional supervision each month.

  • Client-Focused
  • Efficient
  • Specialist
  • Collaborative
  • Ethical
  • Client-Led
  • Accountable
  • Trust Worthy
Marriage Counselling

Our vision

As a group, we are encouraged by a shared objective of making a favorable impact on the people around us.

We aim:

To minimize preconception associated with psychological health services by enlightening the public on the critical function coaching plays in favorably shaping our neighborhoods with assisting couples and families to prosper in lowering the divorce rate, by assisting couples have strong and also gratifying connections to reduce the stigma connected with psychological health services by educating the public. Structure communication with couples as well as family members to depend on each other mentally in order to expand our culture’s understandings of what household relationships.

Our objective

– To offer a distinct service by incorporating flexibility, choice of location and a wholly collaborative approach to the client’s therapeutic needs.

To provide quality therapy by maintaining the stability of our export requirements and scientific quality

– To handpick experienced, insured, professionally trained and BACP registered therapists and counsellors.

– To guarantee we constantly prioritise client wellness and concentrate on client fulfilment

Direct therapy


Private treatment, pairs counselling and family therapy at Direct Therapy all occur in a setting that is respectful of everyone’s uniqueness as well as sensitivity. In our words, activities, as well as thoughts, we are non-judgmental, accepting, as well as caring. While maintaining a specialist manner, we report back to the client on what we’ve discovered. By incorporating sincerity with respect, the client is much better able to connect with both themselves as well as those they respect.Therapy and personal relationships both take advantage of a collaborative approach. Fuller Life was founded to offer a team technique to assisting clients in healing and enhancing our very own healing capabilities. We meet weekly as a firm to share understanding as well as brainstorm brand-new methods to collaborate. As we share and learn from each other, we expand as individuals and also as an area. Our objective is to construct a vibrant and also diverse neighborhood of specialists that can assist each other.

Offering a safe, and consisted of space for our clients is a keystone of our medical community’s guiding concept of the restorative relationship’s recovery potential. Each other’s commitment to continued training, guidance, and also peer interaction aids to grow it. The clinical approach is based upon systemic models of psychiatric therapy that are relational, solution-oriented, and also client-centered. People-centered as well as alternative methods to therapy are valued by therapists as we listen and also take care of our client’s minds and bodies along with their spirits. In counselling, we stroll with clients through support frameworks and right into self-expression with the aim of relieving and healing suffering. Many of us no longer need the walls we constructed formerly to protect ourselves, yet would certainly never ever run the risk of taking them down alone.

A Post Modern Partnership

Approach is also utilized in specific treatment, couples counselling and household treatment. This indicates that we rely on that a customer understands himself or herself better than we do and also has the resources within to resolve problems or work through a challenging scenario. Properly, we work together to discover new hope and also solutions for our clients and also ourselves to live a life of love, relationship, as well as delight in any circumstance. Everything we do depend upon our dedication to close.

A Fresh Approach

Creativity: To price quote George Bernard Shaw, “Life is not about finding yourself. “Life is a journey of self-discovery.” We are animals of imagination. It is with our words, activities, and also thoughts that we inform the floor of our lives. Believing outside package using the imagination can be a transforming factor when we really feel stuck. In order to aid our clients in locating solutions, brand-new hope, and also eventually healing, we specialists make every effort to be creative, imaginative, and also lively.

Diversity of Society

We put a high value on cultural diversity. All of our counsellors have gotten specialist training in marriage as well as household treatment, which concentrates on systemic methods as well as social level of sensitivity. A detailed understanding of human advancement is important in order to effectively diagnose and treat a large range of people and also households, thinking about variables such as race, gender, socioeconomic class, and also one’s physical or mental ability. We are much better able to aid a variety of people when we incorporate the social as well as relational context right into the restorative procedure. Although our therapists as well as their clients may not share the same worths, our ethical codes of professional practise need a respectful attitude toward differing perspectives. Therapists frequently have to separate their own individual worths as well as beliefs from the work they finish with their clients in order to be effective. For the advantage of our clients’ health, our medical group takes part in a variety of team procedures, consisting of supervision as well as team processing, to examine our very own values as well as ideas.

Change Orientated

The therapist-client partnership works as a catalyst for change. For us, therapy is a procedure of uncovering as well as knowing the potential of our customers to make a substantial difference in their lives in addition to worldwide around them. Our team believe that everybody has the capability to change their current circumstance if they have the right assistance in position. There’s constantly area for enhancement. When we respond in different ways to the same old scenario, we know we have actually grown as a person. A new viewpoint, brand-new practices, a new way of communicating, or even recovery from a terrible experience are all things we can assist you with. We should encounter challenging concerns in order to find brand-new hope for the road ahead. We will certainly accompany you on your dismal journey.

People’ privacy is important to us, and we take it extremely seriously. In this sacred place, absolutely nothing is said or done that must not be said or done here. When we consult with the various other specialists in the group to talk about cases, we do so exclusively for the purpose of improving our own specialist growth. When there are legit concerns concerning the safety of the client, others, or youngsters, confidentiality is limited.