Why Direct Therapy Northampton ?

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or CBT, as it is called, is proven to be one of the best ways to treat a whole range of conditions from depression and anxiety to stress and trauma, amongst many others.

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Why is Direct Therapy Different from other CBT Providers?

Results from a recent study revealed that we achieve a 90% recuperation rate for individuals finishing our therapy solutions.

This is something we are exceptionally happy with.

We know that talking to a real person in real time is important to build a strong positive therapeutic relationship – the key to good quality counselling.

Appointments Available within 48-Hours in Person, Remotely, Online or through Phone

Why Choose Direct-Therapy Over Other Service

We are committed to constantly delivering a quick, top quality personal service, which suggests that with Direct Therapy, you do not have to stress over long waiting lists to speak with a counsellor. Our team of dedicated counsellors are on hand ready to help you start feeling back on track with your life quickly. We pride ourselves on our team of BACP registered and approved specialists, who all share our values, goals and vision. They are highly skilled, experienced, compassionate, and dedicated to both their personal and professional development. We are here to support and guide you in a safe, positive, non-judgemental, and 100% private atmosphere. To make an appointment for an initial assessment with one of our counsellors contact us today.

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Individual, couples, as well as family therapy is handled with compassion, generosity, as well as regard by our team member. In our words, activities, and ideas, we are non-judgmental, approving, as well as caring. While keeping an expert manner, we report back to the customer on what we’ve seen. By incorporating sincerity with respect, the customer is much better able to get in touch with both themselves as well as those they appreciate.


In therapy and in our personal partnerships, we put a high value on collaborating as a group. Direct Therapy was substantiated of a wish to give a team-based technique to helping clients heal while additionally improving our own restorative abilities. We are here for you every step of the way.


Collective approaches are utilized in specific, couple, and also family counselling sessions. Our therapists’ distinct skill set and the customer’s desire to fix as well as address the presenting problem generate originalities and also remedies. With the help of our professional colleagues, we can locate new hope and also possibilities for a life that is loaded with love as well as joy no matter circumstance. Whatever we do is led by our idea in the power of teamwork as well as spiritual knowledge.


People’ privacy is a top concern for us. In this sacred place, nothing is claimed or done that should not be said or done below. When we meet with the other specialists in the team to review instances, we do so only for the objective of enhancing our own professional growth. When there are genuine concerns regarding the safety and security of the customer, others, or kids, privacy is limited.

What is CBT's underlying viewpoint?

According to CBT, what we think about a circumstance can influence the way that we feel as well as act. As an example, if you watch a scenario negatively, you may feel adverse emotions. As well as it’s feasible that you’ll act on those negative feelings.

CBT is a mix of cognitive behavioral therapy and also dialectical behaviour therapy.

Cognitive therapy concentrates on what you assume and also do, whereas behavioral therapy focuses on what you say and do.

What can CBT Treat?

CBT is made use of to treat a range of problems.

CBT is commonly utilized to deal with a wide variety of mental wellness problems, including:

  • Problems with rage
  • anxiety attack
  • and stress
  • disorder of the bipolar type
  • a history of substance abuse
  • a food-related issue
  • The hoarding of OCD signs and symptoms (OCD).
  • psychological health problems that develop while pregnant.
  • PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) (PTSD).
  • psychosis.
  • psychotic illness.
  • schizophrenia \ self-harm.
  • problems with sleep.

The treatment for a mental health issue may include an adaptation of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). It is feasible that some CBT adaptations for specific issues may have different names.

How Do Sessions Work?

A specialist deals with you to identify as well as challenge adverse idea patterns and practices in CBT.

You and your therapist might review the events of the present moment. It’s additionally an excellent idea to discuss the impact of your previous life occasions.

In most cases, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is a temporary option with a limited variety of sessions. Depending on where you live, what kind of treatment centre you most likely to, and why you’re getting CBT, your experience may vary.

What Happens Afterwards

Throughout the meetings CBT sessions may consist of the following:

As you collaborate with your therapist, you’ll do exercises to analyze your ideas, feelings, and behavior, and also you’ll agree on tasks to work on in your very own time.
CBT may require you to take part in activities outside of your treatment sessions. This may involve the completion of worksheets or the maintenance of a journal.

Throughout therapy, you might be required to devote several of your very own time to the job. After the treatment mores than, you may still have to do it.